Of all the hundreds of shows I’ve reviewed from New York Fashion week this past Fall/Winter 2015-2016 season I narrowed down my top 5 favorites. I have to say it was not easy and not for the obvious reason of just loving everything and having too many options but because this season seemed to have a lot of reoccurring themes from designer to designer. At first I thought it was just me but after much research I realized I wasn’t the only one who felt the repetitiveness of the season left a bit to be desired. Yet these top 5 designers showed nothing but love flooding the runways.

Josie Natori

The inspiration for this collection was Istanbul, a merging of east meets west, ancient yet modern. You can see the shapes and textures of the city all thru the collection. With models showcasing tall fezzes and golden bib necklaces, cashmere and jacquard fabrics in a color palette of blacks, grays, navy’s and reds.Joise Natori TOP 5 DESIGNERS | NYFW | B4MODA fashion blog


This collection of minimalism with the key inspo being pulled from the Inuit and Arctic cultures. The runway was flooded with warm and cozy knits with many of the pieces being adorned with fur or fuzzy details. The comfort trickled into the earthy color scheme of neutrals, grays, navy’s and pops of pastels.Tibi TOP 5 DESIGNERS | NYFW | B4MODA fashion blog

Karen Walker

The 1970s vibe was everywhere this past runway season but Karen Walker created a collection that stood out from the rest. The sci-fi, fantasy series Sapphire and Steel, a show based on interdimensional time travel served as the main source of inspiration and once getting that tidbit of info it put into perspective the psychedelic clock prints that made me swoon for this collection. From the color palette to the silhouettes, shoes and accessories this collection served the 70s unlike any other this season.karen walker TOP 5 DESIGNERS | NYFW | B4MODA fashion blog

karen walker TOP 5 DESIGNERS | NYFW | B4MODA fashion blog


Another dose of  the ’70s was in full effect with shapes and a palette inspired by 1960s interior design, deep reds, sea foam greens, grays and rusty reds. Gauzy maxi dresses, jumpsuits, puff-sleeve blouses, high waists and flares were all flooding the runway in a mix of structured and flowing garments. Of all the ‘far out’ pieces in the collection the headgear was on point, with different styles to choose from.Zimmermann TOP 5 DESIGNERS | NYFW | B4MODA fashion blog

Zimmermann TOP 5 DESIGNERS | NYFW | B4MODA fashion blog

​Tory Burch

Saving the best for last…Tory Burch. Considering the articles I’ve written previously about the Silk Road when I witnessed the North African inspired collection I was totally smitten from the music, the fashion and even the kilim (rug) interior. There was the allure of Morocco with the luxury of New York’s Park Avenue; kilim inspired digital prints with lax yet structured silhouettes graced the scene and is my favorite collection from the NYFW Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.Tory Burch TOP 5 DESIGNERS | NYFW | B4MODA fashion blog


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