Many times we forget the mutual creative vision that goes into both fashion and art, and how they are closely related. Over many years there have been collaborations between some of the greatest in the fashion and art realms. There’s YSL & Andy Warhol, Jimmy Choo & Rob Pruitt, and Fendi & Trevi Fountain…the list goes on forever. Out of the many callabos I’ve fallen in love with 3 that stood out, based on the art appreciation and designers who are in the United States circuit.

American painter Rosson Crow and Zac Posen worked closely on his collections around 2009-2011. Rosson is known primarily for her large-scale evocative interiors inspired by rococo and baroque design.  Her paintings were transformed into textiles that were used by Zac Posen to create garments for his 2010 Autumn/Winter collection.



The Big Apple, New York City is home to the ‘forward-thinking brand’ Isaora, the label is known for creating functional and style conscience clothes that are designed to withstand the harshest weather. Two years ago the brand held an auction to help the efforts of Waves 4 Water – a foundation that was created to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. 13 artists including, Rostarr, Craig Redman, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, KATSU and the rest were given one of Isaora’s winter jackets to modify the jacket to each artist’s own aesthetic. Each of the jackets would then be auctioned online and 100% of the proceeds went to Waves 4 Water.

Isaora Artisan


Its’s 2008, a department store, an artist and 4 denim labels formed to create the Cult of Denim. Artist Stuart Semple, Selfridges department store, along with 7 for All Mankind, Diesel, JBrand and Levi’s all teamed up for an in-house exhibition that showcased an installation, as well as, some of his limited edition paintings. The paintings by Semple were a representation of the love for denim and how it has/is shaping our culture. Along with the paintings and installation Semple was offered the opportunity to design a line of original graphic t-shirts and printed denim and several pairs of hand-painted jeans. While the exhibition and merchandise line was fashion oriented and drew in mass appeal from around the world, Stuart made sure to express “that it’s about art, and not an exercise in brand PR.”



Looking up all the different artist and fashion label collabs puts into perspective the proximity of the art and fashion worlds, while one can flourish fine on their own bringing the two together heightens the sense of creative expression, subconsciously attracting consumers.

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